Five reasons to go on a package holiday

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.29.35I love going on holiday. I love the new food, new places, the relaxation, the SUN. I can’t wait until the start of the new year when I can start nagging my other half to start looking at holiday websites with me to plan our next adventure (it drives him nuts).

We often book package holidays and they’ve always worked out best for us. I’m a bit of a homebody – packing a backpack and heading off somewhere exotic with just my flights booked and not much direction has never been my style. Everyone is different.

We are planning some bigger, adventure-style holidays over the next couple of years (Canada in a camper, Australia and Japan!), but for right now, a package is perfect for us (and our wallets).

So, with the risk of sounding like a typical Brit abroad, here are my reasons as to why booking a package holiday is a good idea.

Everything is included
No faffing around with airlines and transfers and booking direct with hotels at the risk of a mix-up. You get everything – PLUS your baggage. And that’s always a win.

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There are plenty of beautiful and exciting destinations out there and going on a package holiday doesn’t mean you’re confined to an overcrowded resort. Just do your research. There is a budget for everyone – and cheaper often doesn’t mean worse, but just off the beaten track (which is a god send for some holidaymakers).

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Value for money
You pay one price, less if you book way in advance. You can often pay in instalments, which is great when you’ve just booked a grand’s worth of holiday and don’t quite have that in the bank this month (!). Download VoucherCloud – we got £80 off our holiday that way! We also try to book a deal with bed and buffet breakfast. That way, we can eat a big breakfast late morning to set us up for the day – then we only have to worry about dinner and drinks. Sorted.

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If you’re booking through a package holiday website such as Thomas Cook, Thomson or similar, it’s not like they can just advertise accommodation as five-star willy-nilly. If you book a five star, you can pretty much guarantee you’re not going to turn up at a Fawlty Towers-esque establishment with ideas above its station. Many websites also have Trip Advisor plug-ins now, where you can read the tried-and-tested reviews of guests who’ve stayed in the same place.

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Help is at hand
If you’re a worrier like me, it’s reassuring to know that you can go and speak to an English rep for advice or to be pointed in the right direction. You can get your information quickly and efficiently without tripping over the language or confusing anyone. Similarly, if there was an accident or emergency, it’s great to know of someone who will know the best thing to do.

We’re off to Cyprus in June. I went there lots of times as a child and haven’t been for about 15 years! I love it there and cannot WAIT to show my laddo all the joys of the island. We’re flying with Thomson, of course.



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