Review: MK Minerals Cosmetics

Medikas PR event and commercail images with Amy Williams– this post contains gifted products –

I have always had extremely sensitive skin. I had eczema as a child and then as I entered my teens began to use the cheap cosmetics (and cosmetics remover) I could afford, just like my friends. Big mistake. I used to have awful allergic reactions from things going on my skin and would be left embarrassed at school with a nasty rash – usually on my face too, not good for a young teen!

As I’ve got older, I’ve managed to get my skin under control and have managed to hone my routine using products I know will not give me a reaction whatsoever. Because of my reactions in the past, I’m quite adverse to trying anything new for my skin, especially on my face, just in case.

However, I’ve heard about the benefits of mineral cosmetics in the past, tried some out over the years and have been happy with the results. I’ve recently been given the chance to try out some MK Minerals Cosmetics – and I’m really impressed.

MK Minerals Cosmetics offer a complete line of exclusive handcrafted mineral make-up to compliment different ethnicities, lifestyles and age groups. They use top grade raw ingredients for formulating and creating a beautiful range of high quality make-up that is 100% pure and natural – the entire range is Vegan, Halal, Gluten Free and certified according to EU Compliance Regulations…and proudly made in Somerset, UK.

Here’s what I thought.

Mineral Foundation
With natural SPF 15, it offers protection from the harmful UV rays, wind, and free radicals, thus reduces the occurrence or symptoms of ageing skin. It is 100 % non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, chemical-free, and hypoallergenic. It also offers anti-inflammatory properties, which is perfect for skin disorders such as acne, breakouts, rosacea and eczema.

I have slightly red skin and a few scars dotted about. This is the effect of the foundation after using a small amount on a Body Shop Mineral Foundation Brush on bare skin. This could DEFINITELY rival Bare Minerals! It looked even nicer on my face.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 21.40.03

Mineral Bronzer
I love a sharp bronzed line, me – and this one didn’t disappoint! Claiming to be “an invitation for achieving a seductive and show-stopping look”, the bronzer went on smoothly on top of the foundation for a nice, healthy glow.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 21.42.42

Natural Lipgloss
Not really a fan of this one.  It is described as a ” lightweight formula glides on lips smoothly adding gorgeous glossy colour”. It’s true it is lightweight and does glide on nicely. However I’d say it’s not very long-lasting and didn’t have the nicest taste either. I’m not really one for lip make-up anyway, so I’m not too worried about this. I’ve now given it to a friend who loves it, so it didn’t go to waste!

Mineral Eyeshadow
These were lovely. They were extremely pigmented with a lovely sheen. I’d recommend doing your face afterwards – they have a bit of fallout but that’s expected! They can be worn wet or dry, together or alone.

Everything is available from – go and take a look!


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