Broken nail? No problem!

It’s always irritating when you break a nail, especially when the rest are all so lovely and uniform and you’re going to be left with a stubby one!

However, I learnt a little trick that I’ve been using for years, which means you don’t have to cut the nail off. I thought everyone knew before I mentioned it to a friend and blew her mind! It doesn’t fix the nail – more creates support so you can keep it for a while longer to let it grow a little before you have to do the inevitable and lop it off.

Here’s how you do it!

Have a broken nail (boo!).

Excuse my gross cuticles...

Excuse my gross cuticles…

Remove nail varnish and get yourself a tea bag and some clear nail varnish (I use a hardening one but it doesn’t make a diff really).


Cut the teabag open and get rid of the tea (BLASPHEMY).


Cut yourself a little piece of teabag from one of the sides. Just enough to cover the break plus a little more.


Put one coat of clear nail varnish on your nail and with tweezers, lay the teabag piece over the break.


Once happy with the position, add another coat of clear polish over the top of the fabric.

Et voilà! A lovely new base which is protected and won’t catch. Go for your life with new colours and keep the fabric on for as long as possible.



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