My best friend’s wedding

Last month saw the union of two of my best friends in Holy Matrimony. That sounds mega posh.


You may remember the Bride – Ellie – from my ‘How to organise an unforgettable Hen Party’ post. I can honestly say, she was the most calm, chilled and unflappable Bride I have EVER seen. Nothing phased her. I was doing a bit of nervous weeing and pacing about myself – and all I had to do was walk!


Far away from downing multicoloured cocktails and shots in Portugal, the Bride and the Bridesmaids were transformed into beautiful, classy, ethereal ladies, floating down the aisle. No but seriously, look how hot we all looked:


In fact, have some more pictures.




The ceremony went beautifully, with Ellie gathering a massive audience of tourists and locals alike, outside the church. They even cheered when she got out of the car! There were a few happy tears when they said their vows – and all of a sudden they were man and wife.


From the church it was on to Kingston Country Courtyard – an absolutely stunning venue. We’d spent the day before setting up, with plenty of fairy lights and birdcages covered in pretty flowers.



The speeches from the Bride’s father, Best Man and Groom were all brilliant, each one having us all in stitches.


After a delicious dinner it was time for a few drinks and a dance. And God, did we dance!


I didn’t quite catch the bouquet – check out my reaction!


It was an absolutely brilliant day and evening – although it took a few days to recover from! The Williams clan do not shirk on the booze. Nothing was overlooked – Ellie had even put a little survival kit together in the bathroom for the girls, with hairbrushes, hairsprays and plasters for those wedding shoe blisters.

I can’t wait for my own day, but I can only hope it lives up to this one.

Congratulations Ellie and Dan!



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