Skinny Tan Pro-Tan Moisture Mousse Review

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I absolutely love having a tan. It makes me feel healthier, more in shape and gives me an overall glow. Sods Law then that I’ve been cursed with skin that goes slightly pink, before returning to its milky-white standard. Pretty unfair, I love the sun and would LOVE to rock a natural tan. Unfortunately though, without burning myself to a crisp and risking skin cancer on regular sunbeds, or actually injecting myself with drugs, there’s not much I can do about it.

For me, my sun comes in a bottle. I’ve tried huuuunndreds over the years. From the classic Rimmel Shimmer Tan using the ‘rub it in everywhere with bare hands and hope for the best’ method in sixth-form to professional spray-tans, I’ve used every brand, consistency and been every shade you can imagine. You can check out my reviews of Madame LA LA and the St Moriz 2018 Collection here.

Currently, I’m using Tanologist Tanning Water in Dark and am still getting to grips with its development time, although I love the formula – lightweight, non-greasy, doesn’t smell. However, I was recently sent Skinny Tan’s brand new Pro-Tan Moisture Mousse to review. Never one to shy away from a new product, I gave it a crack – here’s what I thought.

Exfoliating Mitt

Gotta say, I absolutely love this mitt (£5.99). I generally use a coarse scrub in the shower ahead of tanning but sometimes don’t feel like I do the job properly. This mitt has two sides – orange for exfoliating in the shower, and brown for rubbing off excess tan. It also has an elasticated cuff which I LOVE as it prevents the mitt slipping off under the water. It actually works – I used it to get some old tan off before starting with Skinny Tan and it didn’t hurt or take a lot of effort. Definitely a winner.

Dual-sided Tanning Mitt

I was a little sceptical when I saw and felt this mitt. It’s practically FLUFFY (£5.99). Made of true velvet, it’s dual-sided and glides the product onto the skin. Because it’s so fluffy, I’m not sure how much of the product was lost to the mitt, but it didn’t come out patchy and that’s all the matters in the world of tan.

Pro-Tan Moisturising Mousse

Here is how the new tan (£27.99) is described:

“Pro-Tan luxury whipped moisture mousse glides on fast and develops to a tanned glow in up to 60 minutes. Prefer a darker shade? Simply leave Pro-Tan on for up to 3 hours to achieve a medium tan. Leave on for up to 6 hours for a deeper bronze or leave it overnight to achieve your deepest, natural looking SkinnyTan™ ever. No orange, no streaking, no nasty smell and achieves all the SkinnyTan™ professional results at any shade!”

Like the Tanologist Tanning-Water, I get a little confused by the tan development times, as it involves timing and working out when to shower. If you’re working 9-5 or don’t have much free time, you might be a little bit screwed.

In all fairness, I didn’t time it as I wanted to see how dark it would go. I applied the tan and slept in it overnight. The consistency is a mousse and you can see exactly where it’s going on your body. It doesn’t dry instantly so you have a little bit of playtime before you need to worry about streaks or lines – the mitt helps with this.

The smell isn’t too overpowering, a little like chocolate and not as biscuity as some on the market. I washed it off in the morning and had a lovely, deep golden tan, which was actually quite dark. The shade perfect for the night out I was planning that night, but maybe a bit much for day-to-day.

The tan does cling for days which can be a good or bad thing depending on what you’re going for – all you need is the exfoliation mitt though, and you can go back to your base colour!

Overall, a really nice tanning product – the tanning tools also really help to create a smooth, long-lasting tan. The tan is SUPER deep, so definitely time yourself and make sure to wash your hands after an hour, because I didn’t and…regrets.

The new products are available from the Superdrug website, along with the rest of the range.


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