The Jones Wedding Update – August 2020

Man and woman in front of hen do and tag do balloons drinking prosecco and orange juice

I know I say this EVERY time – but I can’t believe how MUCH time has gone by, yet again. Last update, we had accepted that we’d not be able to go ahead with the 23rd May, as COVID-19 had well and truly sunk its claws into 2020 and wasn’t letting go. 

We arranged a new date of 3rd October 2020, not thinking by any stretch of the imagination (possibly naively) that things would still be as bad. Well – haven’t we been mugged off.

The May date passed by, and while we had a lovely day by ourselves, with all of our friends and family supporting us from a distance, it was still so sad knowing that we were supposed to have been married that day. Although, the weather was shit to be honest, so maybe best. 

As we sailed through June and July, we slowly came to the realisation that we just wouldn’t be able to have the day we’d planned in October, especially with the guest limitations.

So, rather than postponing again, William and I have decided to carry on with our wedding ceremony on 3rd October, and push back the big wedding day until next year. This way, we get to have a tiny, intimate ceremony with our parents and siblings –  and still look forward to a celebration with everyone who’s supported us, in 2021. 

Although it’s sad we can’t have the full day in October, we just really want to be married to one another and don’t want to wait for what is essentially a party.

So, here we are – only 39 days out until we’re officially Mr and Mrs Jones – the closest we’ve ever got.

We can’t wait! x


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