5 Ways To Dress Confidently and Feel Better in Yourself

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Fashion isn’t my forte to be honest, and it’s taken me a long time to figure out what suits me and how to feel comfortable. I’ve done this mostly through trial and error and wearing some super questionable things just because everyone else was, but I’m finally getting there. So, if you feel as though your fashion sense is letting you down or if you feel like nothing you wear is making you feel good (as it should!), then there is an opportunity to change that. Here are my tips on dressing confidently and feeling good about yourself.

Grow to Love Your Body and Shape

With Instagram, you can drive yourself mad looking at tiny waists and elongated limbs. Spoiler alert, most images are doctored, and the body image that’s ‘in’ right now will change in a few years. Work on your positive self-talk and tell yourself that it’s absolutely fine to be shorter than the models you see on catwalks, or that you don’t see Kylie Jenner’s body when you look in the mirror. Another spoiler alert – Kylie Jenner doesn’t even look like Kylie Jenner. For me, it’s my stomach. I’ve always hated it and I can’t put my finger on quite why. 

I’m coming round to the way of thinking though, that as long as you are healthy and taking care of yourself, your figure is a secondary notion. What I’m finding is that the more I’m working on loving myself from the inside, the more I’m liking what I’m seeing in the mirror. Essentially, when you are confident in your shape and who you are, then dressing confidently will be much easier.

Know Yourself and Flaunt What You Love

I have to preface this one with a note that you can wear WHATEVER you like, whenever you like – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

At the risk of sounding like Trinny and Susannah, if you want to dress for your figure, focus on the areas you love and accentuate them. If you love your waist, use a belt that has a huge buckle if you want to bring out your waistline. I love my angular collarbones and like wearing bardot tops to bring them out more. Things like this can really work in your favour and you would be surprised at how much it could help you to feel better about yourself and the body you have.

Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Comfortable

When I met Will, my idea of fashion was wearing heels and skinny jeans every day. I didn’t own a pair of trainers and the idea of wearing a tracksuit in public was hideous. As he has boosted my confidence over time and I’ve grown to love myself, I’ve found joy in wearing clothes that are comfortable, while still fashionable. At the moment, I’m loving mom jeans with chunky white trainers – so much nicer and easier for my fast-paced life! I have also learned not to jump on fast-paced fashion trends that I’m not actually comfortable with. I hated the velvet trend and bought a skirt anyway which I never wore. I’ve also always hated stilettos, but have owned a few pairs despite favouring block heels. You should never try and force any kind of fashion upon yourself because if you do then you may find that you never feel quite confident in yourself, and that you are simply doing what everyone else does – and who wants that?

Wear Sunglasses that Match your Outfit

Wearing some great sunglasses can make you feel way more confident. I love hiding tired eyes and tying an outfit together with a stylish pair. I wear contacts usually, but I’ve recently bought some new glasses which really add to my style – I actually love them! If you want some new specs or sunglasses which are stylish and comfortable then make sure that you check out: www.eyeglasses.com

Have Fun with Fashion

As above, I’m no expert and still learning as I go. I take most of my inspiration from Instagram and what I see others wearing, then adapt it to suit me. I spent quite a long time wearing black, to the point that it was a running joke between my friends. I still love black of course – absolute staple – but I’m making bolder fashion choices and trying things on that I wouldn’t usually. I’ve found that the more I practice, the more confidence I feel. Don’t restrict yourself by saying that you never look good in colours such as red, or that you can never pull off a hat. This is not true at all, in fact, it’s more than possible for you to pull off any outfit you want when you put your mind to it. Go for it!


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