How To Accessorise With Jewellery

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I was never really one for much jewellery, preferring to stick to simple silver studs and a couple of thin silver rings on one hand. However, in more recent years I’ve been making up for lost time and really embracing a new love of rings, bracelets and necklaces. I love how one simple thing can tie together or change an outfit entirely, and I am always blown away by the choices on offer.

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know that the way you dress can make you feel more confident. Your accessories can also play a big part in the way you style your outfits, and the way you feel about what you’re wearing. Jewellery can be hard to get right though – I’ve had a few hard lessons – but there are some ways that you can accessorise with jewellery to enhance your outfit, and not detract from it. 

Here are a few things I’ve learnt along the way…

Keep It To One Statement Piece

This is a classic rule for accessorising. It might seem obvious, but it’s classic because it works. Focusing on just one statement piece is a great way to stop your jewellery from overpowering your wardrobe. It’s always a good way to make sure you don’t need to own a huge amount of jewellery. You can only wear one statement necklace or one pair of statement earrings at a time, so you don’t need to invest in too many different pieces. For example, choose from the 2 carat diamond rings here, or one statement ring. 

Consider Your Skin Tone

If you want to make the most of a jewellery investment, then make sure you’ve considered the ‘canvas’ it will sit on. Is your skin tone warm or cool? White gold looks best against cooler skin tones, whereas olive skin tones are flattered by yellow shades of metal. Silver flatters everyone – probably why I wore it for so long – a safe choice! 

Accessorise For The Occasion

Choose your accessories to suit your plans for the day. If you’re going to be sitting at a desk working for most of the day, then you probably don’t want chunky rings or bracelets that dangle, as they’ll just get in your way and be annoying. I used to wear a heavy Pandora bracelet which would catch on my keyboard so now, I wear a bangle that I can slide further up my arm so it doesn’t.  When you’re heading out, add more statement pieces. I love choosing a nice pair of earrings that can be seen easily, as I think it completes my ‘out out’ look. 

Set Your Own Rules

Do literally whatever you want. Your jewellery, like anything else, is a reflection of your personality. One of my friends favours huge, dangly Pat Butcher style earrings which I’d never be able to carry off, but they suit her so well. Another of my friends wears no jewellery at all except a thin silver chain bracelet and doesn’t even have her ears pierced, but this suits her delicate, simple style. Remember that you don’t have to follow the rules. Use the rules as a base to jump off from, and use them to experiment with your style in any way you like.

Wear whatever you want – and wear your accessories however they bring you joy.


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