“I have been working with Ella for almost two years when I first launched Kossie. I adore her professionalism in a wide range of from idea generation to content creation and PR consultation. She is not only a player with a strong team spirit but also 100% a well-thought-out writer who has our audience’s best interests at heart. What I like about her the most is – she’s someone who is constantly looking for improvement and this is not something you can easily find in someone else.”

Karen Chung, CEO and Founder, Kossie

“Ella has been working with me for a number of months now and I’m over the moon with the content and the quality of the blogs that have been produced. Ella is always on hand for when I need anything outside the box and is happy and willing to work with my changing business as it evolves. She goes out of her way to research the things I need and she’s an overall superstar. I would highly recommend her!”

Kerry Curl, Cambridge Makeup Artist

“Having collaborated with some of the world’s biggest Youtubers and lifestyle publications, Ella certainly knows how to grab the attention of influencers, both online and offline. She was extremely good at devising creative strategies to engage with our client’s key audiences, effectively securing coverage that had a direct and positive impact on both sales and share of voice.

In addition to her strong skillset in the consumer space, I always found Ella had an excellent eye for detail and is a very passionate employee. She puts 110% into every task and was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Hannah Wright, PR Manager

“We’re working with Ella for creating our content – she has brought enthusiasm to the task but more importantly delivered what we have been looking for with barely any direction to grasp what we need – she just gets it and gets on with it which is super great! Ella brings a structured plan together with well-written pieces which are carefully thought through and well researched. We look forward to continue working together in the future.”

Oliver Huntsman, Gemma Sutton Limited

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