Christmas gift guide for her || 2015

It’s coming around quick! There’s only a couple of weeks to go before Christmas, so I’ve put together a quick gift guide of things I wouldn’t mind finding under the tree – I’m sure you or the lady in your life would love them too!


From left to right: Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques Triangle Foundation BrushScunci InstaTwist Braiding Styler / NARS Killer Heels Mini Lipstick Set / Essie Winter Baby Its Cold Outside Quad Box / NARS One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette52 Small Changes For The Mind Book / Michael Kors Selma Black Tote BagThe Happiness Planner / Jimmy Choo ILLICIT Eau de Parfum





Barry M Matte Nail Paint

I’ve admired the matte nail varnish look from afar for a while, but hadn’t got round to buying any to try it out for myself. I like the look, stylish and clean with a bit of grunge. My friend was wearing some grey marl matte in the pub the other day and I kept stealing glances (yeah, I’m a polish pervert…). So, this weekend I decided to invest in a couple of bottles from Barry M.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 21.57.57

I am currently wearing Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Espresso.

I hate to say it, but I’m not keen. The nail varnish itself is absolutely great. I put it on on top of a Sally Hansen Maximum Strength base coat. Barry M goes on smoothly and dries in minutes. It didn’t chip for ages which is a god send, chipping is the bane of my life when typing for hours at work, so some major positives here. Mattes have a bad rap for chipping more quickly than regular polish but Barry M held well.

However, I just don’t think it works for me. I kept having the feeling that they weren’t quite done and having the urge to throw a shiny top coat on – which I have now done, by the way. I could also see a lot more clearly for some reason, any little mistakes I had made whilst painting. This absolutely drives me mad in general so to have the mistakes amplified was even worse. Not sure why, maybe something something shiny top coat reflects light to make mistakes harder to spot something something, who knows.



Not a fan, I’m afraid! They’ll not go to waste though, I’ll find another home for them.

I think I’m just going to carry on admiring matte from afar – just like bright clothes and big dangly earrings. They look wonderful on other people but they’re not quite me. And why not? Be yourself always, I say.

By the way, if you spend over £6.00 on Barry M cosmetics at Superdrug at the moment, you get a free Sparkling Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint! I chose the red one – absolutely perfect for Christmas. There’s a purple one too which is very pretty. I’m going to be taking off the matte tomorrow to try out the red and am looking forward to it.

Sorry matte!

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 21.35.20.pngIMG_3973.JPG

John Frieda Beach Blonde Detangling Conditioner || LOVE

I am extremely disloyal to conditioner brands, always have been.Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 20.32.44

I’m always very open to trying something new but there are a few things I stick to because I know they work best for me. Garnier Cleansing Wipes to remove my make up for example, or NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

For love nor money, I can’t stick to a conditioner. Every time I need to replace one I scour the aisles for the next best thing. I’ve tried all the hype brands for my hair – Aussie, Bed Head, Kerátase. Remember when Horse Shampoo was a thing? Yeah.

There’s always something a bit off. I’ve got very fine hair, but a lot of it. Since I cut five inches off in the Summer, it’s already in a much better condition. However, conditioners often leave my hair dry as a bone or on the flip side, greasy as heeeell. Either stuck to my head or flying all over the place with static. There’s no in-between. The closest I’ve got to a good conditioner that really works for me is Herbal Essence’s Fresh Balance (luv u babes).

BUT I’VE FOUND SOMETHING. John Frieda Beach Blonde Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner.

I picked a mini travel bottle of this up at Gatwick when we went to Amsterdam. There wasn’t much choice and I didn’t care anyway (I mean, we were going to Amsterdam!). However, I used it once on holiday and used it until it ran out when I got home. I don’t even care to admit that I used a cotton bud to get the last bit out.

I have never really liked ‘blonde’ shampoos, often finding they make my hair dry – but not this one. Aside from its namesake detangling properties, it gives my hair a sheen, and I don’t have to wash my hair for a couple of days whereas usually my hair would get very greasy (seriously – I could keep Batiste in the stock market single-handedly). My hair never usually holds on to scent either, but this conditioner smells fresh, like mint but not quite – and clings to my hair steadfastly. I LOVE it.

Everyone needs a change now and then – but I don’t mind settling down with John Frieda for a while!

£5.99 full size, or £1.99 for the travel size. Buy it now instore or online.

Marks and Spencer || Black Friday

I’m not usually one to head to M&S on my shopping trips, preferring to stick to high street stores such as TopShop and Zara. However, around this time of the year, it suddenly gains a major allure and I find myself drawn to it, looking at all the lovely Christmas items I certainly don’t need, but 97% of the time end up buying anyway. It wouldn’t be Christmas without M&S.

“Aha! It’s not even December yet!” I hear you say, and whilst that’s true – it IS Black Friday weekend.

I went into M&S this weekend in search of a brand spanking new bra. And I found one:

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 18.24.34

ROSIE FOR AUTOGRAPH: Beau Lace Underwired Non-Padded Silk Balcony Bra A-DD

Luckily for me though, rather than paying the original £27.50, I ended up paying around £19 due to the M&S Black Friday sale. I spent an hour in there and could have stayed for longer if not having to go in search of food and being totally slowed up by Saturday dawdlers (this is LONDON don’t you know!?).

I checked out the website when I got home though and have bought more than I should have (in the form of Christmas gifts for friends and family – and more than a couple of ‘treats’ for myself…). To try to redeem myself (and to stop thinking about my bank balance), I thought I’d share some of the best, beautiful deals I found with you.

These deals are live until the end of Cyber Monday so chop chop – once it’s gone it’s gone!

Visit the website to shop now:

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 18.27.03

Mimi Floral Low Rise Thong£6.00 £4.20

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 18.39.35

ROSIE FOR AUTOGRAPH: Lace Trim Playsuit£25.00 £17.50

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 18.34.19

Nude Rose™ Silk Suspender Belt – £10.50 £7.35

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 18.41.09

ROSIE FOR AUTOGRAPH: Eau de Parfum 30ml£14.00 £7.00

All images courtesy of Marks and Spencer.

Riled up over an emoji? Oh, sit down

The best emoji ever has been named as Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionary and some people are majorly pissed off about it. Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.02.22

“It’s not even a word,” they cry (not with tears of joy), “where would it even go in the dictionary? It wouldn’t! Are we really so stupid?”

But that’s just like,  your opinion, man…

The emoji, otherwise known as ‘face with tears of joy’ made up, according to Oxford’s research, “20% of all the emojis used in the UK in 2015 – a sharp rise from 4% in 2014.”

But with 76% of the UK adult population owning a smartphone, and of those, between 80% and 90% using emojis, how is it even surprising to anyone that this is the case? I mean really.

Emojis have crept their way in to popular culture and there’s not much we can do about it now. Remember the time Hillary Clinton asked US graduates how they felt about their student loans in three emojis or less? What about when Andy Murray predicted his entire wedding day in a tweet made up entirely of emojis?

I’ve used emojis since I’ve had a phone. Everyone has used an emoji at least once and its becoming a fact that they are a large part of modern culture. What would text conversations be without a innuendo-aubergine or a classic side-eye? What about the nail polish one that signifies what a sassy bitch you are?

So chill out – we’re clearly not all going to be speaking pure emoji over the next couple of years. Accept it as just another way that modern culture is evolving.

And trust me, there’ll be worse ‘words’ to come for you to get on your high horse about soon enough.